Gambling platform – my way to earn money

If you thinking how to play your fav games and get paid for it – try different gambling platforms. Here I’m gonna share my thoughts about it and my own experience. Maybe, you will find some relative or interesting information.

Why gambling for games is new cool?

  • It’s a way for gamers to earn money;
  • You no longer spend your time for “no life”;
  • If you good enough – you could make living from it.

One of the gambling platforms is drakelounge.  The main difference between betting from money is that you bet from/for skins. You could play CS GO game and collect skins or buy them or even could sell them.  Choose what you want and have fun.

What do you need for drakelounge?

  • 10 dollar deposit – it’s a membership price or whatever you wanna call it.
  • Need to create steam account and connect to it.
  • Need to understand that this is gambling so not all the time you gonna win.

Like in all platforms they have pros and cons, but as long as I’m doing this, this one is working for me properly. Even if there are some issues they solving problems quick and I don’t need to wait forever. That’s why it’s looking reliable for me and I trust this gambling platform.

If you tried additional gambling sites – let me know in the comments!